The Wedding Gift Economy

When it comes to wedding gifts people are either cash people, on registry people, or off registry people.  As the couple getting married you want a good mix of all three people.  Below is just a little highlight of each type and how they help make the newlyweds feel special.

Cash People:

Cash is king, there is always something so gratifying about opening cards the day after the wedding and being overwhelmed with cash/checks.  Most people gather a portion of the cash and add it to the honeymoon budget to be quickly dispensed into the local economy upon arrival at their destination.  The rest is usually saved and used for unforeseen expenses.

The cash people provide freedom to the newlyweds by allowing them to make the choice of how they want to spend their wedding gift.

On Registry People:

The wedding registry is safe and easy, because the couple is basically saying these are the things we want please get them for us.  It is easy to go to Target, Macy’s, or where ever else and simply get their list, figure out what is available and in the price range and make a purchase.  Whatever item is given will be a guaranteed winner because it has personally been selected by the couple.

The on registry people provide stability to the newlyweds by giving them what they feel they need to succeed together.

Off Registry People:

There are times where you just can’t justify purchasing candlestick holders for your best friend on their wedding day.  Some people have a desire to go above and beyond and get really get something memorable.  The off registry people are the ones who really go for the wow factor in their gift giving.  Sometimes they hit and sometimes they miss but there is something to be said as newlyweds to getting something you don’t expect.

The off registry people provide spontaneity to the newlyweds by giving them something they didn’t expect and often times something memorable.

Our niche in the wedding gift economy falls within the off registry people who buy customized gifts for their friends/family.  If you’re one of these people then consider visiting our Etsy site  It’s always a pleasure to work with people to create something unexpected and special for a newlywed couple.  However, we respect all three people in the wedding gift economy because they all contribute to the happiness of the couple.


4 thoughts on “The Wedding Gift Economy

  1. Have two weddings this summer – looking for wood centerpieces with engraving – Do you have a store front that my daughter and I could visit this Friday Feb.12th – Love your merchandise

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jim,

      We don’t have a traditional brick and mortar set up, but we do sell online via Etsy & Amazon Handmade and have a booth at the Antiques Village in Centerville, OH. However we do take custom orders all the time. If you have an idea of what you want specifically you can email us at so we can learn a little bit more.

      Thank you for the praise and we look forward to hearing from you!


      1. Fantastic – we will head to the little village – close to our house plus she is looking on your various web sites – thank you for the quick return – we will be in touch.


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