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Variety is the Spice of Life

When we first started I had two left over stains from personal projects in the garage and we started engraving with those.  Then I discovered the Minwax section of the hardware store and that’s when it all changed.   At first I added a couple of traditional colors like dark walnut and cherry, but then I found the color tinted stains.  Long story short now we have 24 standard stains that we offer on any engraved wood item that we offer.

Stain Options

I have a lot of people tell me I’m crazy for offering so many options and to keep it simple but that’s not me.  I don’t like things to be simple and will probably add at least six more colors to the mix by Christmas.  We offer custom laser engraving and what’s the point of offering custom if you only have four color options? I want you to be able to match your colors for your home, your office, your favorite sports team, your college, or whatever else you want an item to match.  That’s what is important to us.



Custom Orders Don’t Upset Us

We were approached by a local library a couple of months ago about doing a project for them.  They had some donor money to create some sort of plaque denoting all of the past directors.  Instead of a simple plaque they had an idea to create a bookshelf with all of the director’s names on fake books.

The library had done an extensive amount of research for this project.  They even had an employee go to a local cemetery to find the correct spelling of one of the first directors.  All the research was done so all we had to do was create the books and the shelf.  We went with a birch plywood that we cut to size and rounded the edges with a router.  Then stained each “book” several different colors for a varied appearance.  Lastly we created images for each director and laser engraved them into the book blanks.  Below are some pictures of how the project turned out.

The greatest part of this project was when we walked into the library with an 81″ long board and the first person to see it was the person who did the research (including going to the cemetery).  Her reaction was priceless and it was something that we’ll never forget.  We’re more than happy to handle bigger projects and will always be grateful to the Franklin Library for letting us create something special for them!

Reclaimed Wood

Getting our daughter to go to sleep at night can sometime be a chore ever since she switched to her toddler bed.  She seems to decide she wants to stay up especially on nights that we have a lot of orders to fulfill.  Now I’m only human and can only read so many stories in the dim light of her room without the urge myself to fall asleep myself.  So I started the bedtime process by watching something that was completely boring to her on Netflix then moved to reading only one or two books to finish putting her to bed.  One of those shows I really started watching was Black Dawg Salvage.  The show instantly struck a cord with me as they take and reuse different pieces from old homes/buildings and sell them to be re-purposed.

One day I got bored and googled to see if Dayton, Ohio had any place similar where I could by reclaimed items and start incorporating the material into laser engraved items.  It turns out that we happen to have a great place called Dayton Restoration and Reclamation and their warehouse isn’t far from where we live.  When I stopped by I was amazed at the selection and it wasn’t long before I had a shopping cart filled with items for a Christmas gift.  So I went home with my new (to me) treasures and built a six pack holder and had Cara come up with a design for the intended recipient.  The beer caddy is built with an old painted board as the shell, a spindle for the handle, a piece of flooring as the inside dividers, and some old fencing as the sides.  The pictures don’t really do it justice, but filled with a six pack of Breckenridge Christmas Ale it was the hit of the Christmas party.

Needless to say that we’ve been back to Dayton Restoration and Reclamation several times since the first trip.   We’re coming up with a line of products from the old lumber and have taken many orders for customized items including some furniture.  I’ll keep posting some of our projects with reclaimed wood here as we complete them.