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It’s really no secret that we have a passion for customization.  If it isn’t good enough that we can add personalized laser engravings on any of our items but then we were also offering 24 stain colors for our wood products.  Well after a year and half in business we’ve been able to differentiate between the popular colors and the ones that haven’t sold at all.  So this past week we sat down and figured out our most popular 16 stain colors.


The four most popular colors are on the top and then the rest of the colors are below.  The hardest part wasn’t picking the colors it was replacing the picture and the drop down selections on Etsy and Amazon to reflect the changes.

The top stains for each item are listed below for reference.

Bottle Cap Holders – English Chestnut, Dark Walnut, Maple, & Red Mahogany

Beer Caddies – Ebony, English Chestnut, Red Mahogany, & Dark Walnut

Wine Boxes – Whitewash, Burgundy, Driftwood, Red Mahogany, & Honey

Hopefully this gives you a little guidance on picking a color for our products.  If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact us at Littlefoxengraving@gmail.com.







Variety is the Spice of Life

When we first started I had two left over stains from personal projects in the garage and we started engraving with those.  Then I discovered the Minwax section of the hardware store and that’s when it all changed.   At first I added a couple of traditional colors like dark walnut and cherry, but then I found the color tinted stains.  Long story short now we have 24 standard stains that we offer on any engraved wood item that we offer.

Stain Options

I have a lot of people tell me I’m crazy for offering so many options and to keep it simple but that’s not me.  I don’t like things to be simple and will probably add at least six more colors to the mix by Christmas.  We offer custom laser engraving and what’s the point of offering custom if you only have four color options? I want you to be able to match your colors for your home, your office, your favorite sports team, your college, or whatever else you want an item to match.  That’s what is important to us.