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Custom Barnwood Sign

I had a friend who was interested in starting up a similar business ask me how we have gotten Little Fox Engraving to grow so quickly.  My answer was simple, we never say no to custom requests.  If one person wants something made bad enough to request it being made more than likely there is market for it.  One of the trends we’re seeing is people asking us to put quotes or sayings on barnwood.   Which is awesome because we love seeing old wood given new life.  The picture below is one of our latest of these projects, it will be going into a baby’s nursery.  If you have a saying or idea please shoot by us, we have a garage full of barnwood and our laser can cut any word in any font.



Valentine’s Day Gift


This may be the product that we’ve produced that makes me the most happy.  To make this sign we take some old reclaimed barn siding, white wash it, and then laser engrave the Love graphics with a couple’s names & anniversary date.  We originally made this for ourselves but when I texted it to one friend she wanted one and three of her friends wanted one.  So now we’re selling them until our barn wood supply runs out.

You can purchase on Etsy or Amazon for only $30