Fall Festival Season Over

Excuse us for the long absence between blog posts but it’s been a little hectic over the past couple months.  When you’re a two person team sometimes it is tough to cover all the bases that you’re supposed to do when running a successful business.  Over the last couple of months we have been busting our tails to get out orders, make stock, and try to live semi-normal lives.

Both the Holiday at Home and Sauerkraut festivals were a lot of fun to be at and we appreciate everyone who bought something from us or spent time in our booth.  These festivals are a lot of work upfront, but then a true pleasure to be at.  A big thanks also goes out to the people who organize these festivals and all the volunteers who help make them happen.  They really are amazing in keeping all things organized especially the Sauerkraut Festival with over 400 vendors.

Now we’ve started the process of swapping out the shop fan with the shop kerosene heater and are prepping for all the Christmas festivals.  We’ll have a full list once we finalize a few things and as always our Amazon and Etsy shops are there for anyone who wants to shop Little Fox.



Fall Festival Season Part Deux

We are quickly approaching our second year doing fall craft festivals.  Granted this year we are remarkably more prepared than we were last year.  After each show we’ve been able to refine our set up and luckily add things that make our life easier.  From set up to tear down doing these festivals can be a grind both mentally and physically.  The preparation of making inventory starts months ahead of time and then it all boils down to a one or two day window where you try to sell everything you can and then start the whole crazy process over.

Upcoming shows we are participating in will be:

Holiday at Home in Kettering, OH – http://www.holidayathome.org/

Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville, OH –  http://www.sauerkrautfestival.com/

In these two shows we should have over 100K people looking at our booths so this will be really interesting to see how people like some of our newest creations.  Then once these two are over we start the Winter/Christmas festivals that will bring even more work.

If you’re out and about at these events stop by and see us!


Dear Real Estate Agents…

Dear Real Estate Agents,

We love doing work for you.  In fact you are some of our favorite clients because you’re always looking for new ways to stand out in the crowded market.  That’s why we want to work with you to come up with creating closing gifts.  Below are some of the reasons why you should consider working with us:


We customize – It is hard to get more specific than the sign above.  It is customized to the exact latitude and longitude point.  However you want something customized we can figure a way to make it look good.  Names, addresses, states, cities, dates, and more are all easily added to wine boxes, signs, beer caddies, clocks, and most wood items.  We do not like stock items so even if you don’t see something on our Etsy site just ask and in most cases we can make it for you.

We can direct ship – People love getting packages delivered to their houses.  You can’t tell me that when you’re at home and you hear the UPS truck come down your street you don’t sneak a peek out the window to see if it stopped in front of your house.   Getting an unexpected package will help you stand out.  Sure handing something in person is great but these people just spent an awful lot of time with you so spark their memory a few weeks after they move into their new home.

We will market for you – We include a thank you card in every package we send out, but if you are sending a gift we’d rather that message come from you.  If you plan on buying items from us on an ongoing basis you can mail us your business cards, stationary, or any other swag and we’ll include it with the package.  Those little details will really stand out to your client.

We offer a real estate agent discount – Message us ahead of time if you plan on purchasing multiple items and we’ll give you your own discount code.

If you nail your closing gift there will be something in your client’s home that will be predominantly displayed that will always have a tie back to you.  Let us be your secret weapon.


Kevin & Cara Canfield

Owners – Little Fox Engraving




100 Beer Caddy Challenge

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to beer caddies.  First of all when I first saw one I fell in love the idea of carrying my beer in something so different.  When we started laser engraving this was one of the first things I suggested we start making and laser engraving.  After making the first one (took me over 4 hours) I was starting to rethink the idea as it was labor intensive.  Then we started getting a few orders for them and then a few more.  Each time we got orders I got a little quicker after building some jigs and coming up with a process.  By the end of Christmas last year I knew I had to come up with a way of mass producing these items to make my life easier.  After all each caddy is eleven individual pieces of wood and making the one by one is a big waste of time.

So in January I felt confident enough to set the goal of making 100 beer caddies in 2016 and at the end of June I am on pace to make over 200.  Mainly because we have started offering them in packs of six for things like groomsman gifts, home brew gifts, or other type of group gift settings.  What makes them appealing is that when you order them from Little Fox Engraving you get to create a custom design on both sides of the caddy as well as pick from 24 different colors of stain.  We believe in making each order as person as possible.  6SixPack5.jpgStain Options6SixPack3.jpg

If you’re ever in the market for beer caddies we can make you one or one hundred.  Just let us know what you need.

Variety is the Spice of Life

When we first started I had two left over stains from personal projects in the garage and we started engraving with those.  Then I discovered the Minwax section of the hardware store and that’s when it all changed.   At first I added a couple of traditional colors like dark walnut and cherry, but then I found the color tinted stains.  Long story short now we have 24 standard stains that we offer on any engraved wood item that we offer.

Stain Options

I have a lot of people tell me I’m crazy for offering so many options and to keep it simple but that’s not me.  I don’t like things to be simple and will probably add at least six more colors to the mix by Christmas.  We offer custom laser engraving and what’s the point of offering custom if you only have four color options? I want you to be able to match your colors for your home, your office, your favorite sports team, your college, or whatever else you want an item to match.  That’s what is important to us.


One Year

Somewhere this weekend we realized that Little Fox Engraving has been an official business for a whole year now.  When we started we basically just made an expensive gamble on ourselves that if we bought a laser we could figure out how to make money with it.  When we started we had no CNC experience, we didn’t know how to use our graphic design software, and the woodworking knowledge we had was leftover from high school shop class 15 years ago.  Over this year we’ve learned so much about how to do all those things plus run a business and it’s been a great start to the journey.

We just want to thank all our family and friends who have helped us out in lending their expertise and time.  We also want to thank everyone of our customers for their support.  Whether you’ve bought online, at a craft show, or at one of the stores that sells our items we really appreciate you.  If there is ever anything we can do to make something for you we would love to as each time we make something we get better.

Wedding Season Cometh

This is the time of year that “Save the Date” cards might be starting to pile up on your fridge.  Soon the official invitations will start to trickle in depending on how on top of things the couple is.  Once you send back that RSVP card indicating whether you’ll have a +1 and if you want the fish or chicken all you need to do is figure out what to wear and what gift to give.

Instead of heading over to Target or Bed Bath and Beyond up your wedding game to one of these personalized gifts.  All you have to do is order them and give us a little information and the gift gets shipped right to your house.  It’s a little more personal than getting a juicer.

Wine Boxes






If you like any of these ideas check out our Etsy or Amazon sites.  We keep our overhead low (I mean you’re reading this on a free blog) so our prices are pretty competitive especially on the wine boxes.  Email us at littlefoxengraving@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Walk for Women’s Wellness & 5K Run

Walk4WellnessWe were looking around for spring time events to be vendors at a couple of weeks ago, mainly to sit in our new comfy chairs and show off our new fancy tent, when we came across the Walk for Women’s Wellness & 5K Run.  We didn’t know that it was so involved with activities.  There is of course the walk/run but they’ll also have many local food trucks, a bouncy house, and a vendor mall with an emphasis on Mother’s Day gifts.  It looks to be a full day event.

We’re honored to be part of such a great event and the money raised (over $1.7 million so far) goes to the great cause of the Kettering Women’s Wellness Fund.  Our family has been impacted by Breast Cancer and we really support any initiative that helps raise awareness and money to help early detection and eventually find a cure!  We will be rolling out some really cool items for both Mother’s Day and for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The event takes place on Saturday, May 1st but now is the time to register!


Custom Orders Don’t Upset Us

We were approached by a local library a couple of months ago about doing a project for them.  They had some donor money to create some sort of plaque denoting all of the past directors.  Instead of a simple plaque they had an idea to create a bookshelf with all of the director’s names on fake books.

The library had done an extensive amount of research for this project.  They even had an employee go to a local cemetery to find the correct spelling of one of the first directors.  All the research was done so all we had to do was create the books and the shelf.  We went with a birch plywood that we cut to size and rounded the edges with a router.  Then stained each “book” several different colors for a varied appearance.  Lastly we created images for each director and laser engraved them into the book blanks.  Below are some pictures of how the project turned out.

The greatest part of this project was when we walked into the library with an 81″ long board and the first person to see it was the person who did the research (including going to the cemetery).  Her reaction was priceless and it was something that we’ll never forget.  We’re more than happy to handle bigger projects and will always be grateful to the Franklin Library for letting us create something special for them!