Little Fox Engraving is a husband/wife team who worked typical sales/service jobs until we had a little one on the way.  The Mrs. quit her job to focus on the upcoming blessing and the free time lead to lots of Etsy shopping.  After a couple custom items purchased for the nursery we joked that it might be easier to just buy an engraving machine and save money in the long run.  After an awkward pause we both looked at each other and thought that it might not be a bad idea.  Life calmed down a bit after we welcomed our daughter into the world and we started our research.  Nine months later and we finally pulled the trigger and added a laser engraving machine to our home and haven’t looked back. We’re just a simple family run business run by two adults, our faithful shop dog Rafi, and our daughter who is kind enough to take naps every now and then so we can get actual work done. The biggest thing we want to offer is a creative outlook and superior customer service.  Follow our adventure and watch us grow.

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Contact us at littlefoxengraving@gmail.com with any questions or ideas for orders.


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