Guest Check Out Coming to Etsy

Normally we just scroll through any email sent to us from Etsy on how to “promote our store.”  It’s not that Etsy doesn’t provide great services for sellers, but the rat race of marketing isn’t really our thing right now.  Our photos are rough, our social media presence is pitiful, and we’ve been struggling to put together a 45 second Youtube video of how to install some of our products.   This is just real talk, we’re a husband and wife who work as hard as we can to keep up with orders, raise our daughter, spend time with friends and family, and  get enough sleep to function.  That being said when we see tips on marketing we just kind of laugh.  However, there was one article that Etsy sent us that is really exciting.  They are announcing Guest Check Out!  This is a big deal because now everyone can buy our items from our Etsy store.  So many times people ask if they can buy from our website and we say you can use Etsy or Amazon and their faces sink.  We can tell that either don’t know what that is or they don’t have/want accounts with those sites.  Each time that happens we mull getting an actual website with an online store, but it’s just not on our radar.  Now we can tell people they can purchase as a guest off Etsy and it changes the game.  Check out (no pun) the link below and read more about it!

Etsy Set to Introduce Guest Check Out


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