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The Holiday Cut Off Date

Today is an important day of the year for our business and it has nothing to do with it being Small Business Saturday.  The reason today is important is this is the day that we set the last day that we will take orders and guarantee that they will arrive to their destination before Christmas.  Most of our products are custom and made to order the fulfillment issues aren’t as easy as grabbing an order from our stockpile and shipping it next day.  In some aspects we can work ahead, but in most cases we wait for orders then make them.  Which is why the deadline date is so important, we have to guess how many days ahead of the Post Office’s Dec. 20th guarantee ship date can we have everything done by.

So we’ll sit down today and pour over our existing orders, predict future orders, look at our advertising success, examine patterns on all of our selling platforms, and begin debating.  Cara and I then each act like meteorologist from rival TV networks trying to predict a major snow storm.  It’s an entertaining day and I’d be lying if it didn’t end with some drinks.

The normal consumer doesn’t think too much of these trivial parts of running a small business, but it’s a fun little tradition we have.  Because once we set that cut off date (I predict December 12th) we have to make sure we can deliver to everyone who orders from us.

Welcome to the holidays



Winter Market at Austin Landing

It was just a month ago that we were at the Sauerkraut Festival soaking in all the great things about fall and here we are prepping for this weekend’s Winter Market and Christmas tree lighting at Austin Landing.  This is the second year for the event and we were lucky enough to be at the first one last year and it was a blast.  If you have never been to an event at Austin Landing you are missing out.  They really do throw a great party and this year’s tree lighting and winter market look to be nothing short of spectacular.  We’ll be in the craft tent on Saturday, November 12th from 10AM – 7:30PM selling great Christmas gifts to all you good boys and girls.  Come by and say hi and enjoy the atmosphere!  The weather looks like it will be providing a little chill so put on your stocking caps, gloves, and coats and come out to one of the first official events welcoming in the holiday season.


For more information of events click on the link to their website                                        Austin Landing Winter Market