Monthly Archives: October 2016

Fall Festival Season Over

Excuse us for the long absence between blog posts but it’s been a little hectic over the past couple months.  When you’re a two person team sometimes it is tough to cover all the bases that you’re supposed to do when running a successful business.  Over the last couple of months we have been busting our tails to get out orders, make stock, and try to live semi-normal lives.

Both the Holiday at Home and Sauerkraut festivals were a lot of fun to be at and we appreciate everyone who bought something from us or spent time in our booth.  These festivals are a lot of work upfront, but then a true pleasure to be at.  A big thanks also goes out to the people who organize these festivals and all the volunteers who help make them happen.  They really are amazing in keeping all things organized especially the Sauerkraut Festival with over 400 vendors.

Now we’ve started the process of swapping out the shop fan with the shop kerosene heater and are prepping for all the Christmas festivals.  We’ll have a full list once we finalize a few things and as always our Amazon and Etsy shops are there for anyone who wants to shop Little Fox.