Walk for Women’s Wellness & 5K Run

Walk4WellnessWe were looking around for spring time events to be vendors at a couple of weeks ago, mainly to sit in our new comfy chairs and show off our new fancy tent, when we came across the Walk for Women’s Wellness & 5K Run.  We didn’t know that it was so involved with activities.  There is of course the walk/run but they’ll also have many local food trucks, a bouncy house, and a vendor mall with an emphasis on Mother’s Day gifts.  It looks to be a full day event.

We’re honored to be part of such a great event and the money raised (over $1.7 million so far) goes to the great cause of the Kettering Women’s Wellness Fund.  Our family has been impacted by Breast Cancer and we really support any initiative that helps raise awareness and money to help early detection and eventually find a cure!  We will be rolling out some really cool items for both Mother’s Day and for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The event takes place on Saturday, May 1st but now is the time to register!



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