Beer Souvenir

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve had a thing for collecting bottle caps.  I believe it started when I was in junior high (same building as the high school) when the seniors pulled their senior prank.  The school was interviewing potential superintendent candidates and the seniors littered the halls with beer caps.  It kind of backfired when a bunch of smelly 7th graders (me and my posse) thought the caps were cool and started picking them off the floor before the candidates arrived.   Growing up in the time of the can and plastic bottle I didn’t really have much exposure to bottle caps so it was my one of my first times seeing all the colors and logos.  From then on I was hooked and (after I turned 21 of course) started keeping beer caps from the times I was classy enough to drink beer that came in bottles.

Now in my 30’s and with spring cleaning upcoming I could see my wife circling around my giant bowl of bottle caps ready to use any excuse to help find them a new home in the recycling bin.  After some negotiations it was decided that I can keep a few caps for display purposes, but the rest of the bowl had to go.  Since we own a laser engraving business we turned it into project which resulted in our own Ohio Bottle Cap Holder.   This is by no means a new idea, but this is our design and I can keep 59 of my favorite bottle caps safely stored within Ohio’s borders.


If you would like one of these for your home we sell them on our Etsy & Amazon sites.


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