2015 Review

The Valentine’s Day episode of ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat hit a little too close to home last night.  In the episode when given the chance to go out for a romantic dinner the main characters pretend to go out but end up staying in to do their taxes.  My wife and I laughed because that seemed outlandish.  However last night, the night before Valentine’s Day, we sat in the basement with her prepping taxes and me painting signs.  I guess that’s just what they call “small biz problems.”  However, getting the taxes ready was a good reflection back to our first six months in business.

Looking at our receipts we remember when a 2′ x 2′ birch plywood sheet would last us several weeks.  Now about five 4′ x 8′ sheets lasts us that same amount of time.  The same thing is true about paint,  we saw a bunch of purchases for pints of paint.  At this point we’ve graduated to gallons and are considering purchasing in five gallon containers for our more popular colors.  We’re also buying all our other supplies in a higher quantity than before and in most cases we’re finding places to buy wholesale and in bulk instead of just going to Lowe’s.

Needless to say looking back at the first six months of business is like a first grader looking at their kindergarten pictures and saying, “I’ve really grown up since then.”  However, it’s good to reflect and realize that we would never grow without the support of our friends, family, and amazing customers.  We have a long way to go with this little business and tax time gave us a good chance to reflect on where we are going and how we have got there.

So to anyone who has purchased anything from us, seen us at a festival, visited us on any of our site, or just stumbled across this post on accident.  Please stay tuned to what we have in store for the future.  Interact with us and help us to always be creating.


Kevin & Cara Canfield


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