Dayton Brew Ha-Ha

Winter was late in coming to Ohio this year and the weather people say you can blame El Nino.  December was one of the warmest on record here in southwest Ohio, but this weekend ushered in the return of winter.  The cold and snow has come just in time for the great tradition of socially drinking beer indoors to raise money for good causes.    These events get us out of our homes to escape the cabin fever that 15 degrees and stale snow packs create.  A night away from our homes to revel in school gyms and art institutes with fine food and alcohol is just the right way to beat the winter blues.

This year since we now have our business we’re planning on setting up booths at a few of these events.  The first event will be the Dayton Brew Ha-Ha which is a fundraiser for the Montessori School of Dayton.  It will take place on Saturday, January 30th and tickets are $35 or $50 for VIP status.  We’ll be there selling stock design beer caddys, wall mounted bottle openers, hand held bottle openers, and premiering our new growler caddys. The event website is if you want more details.


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