Monthly Archives: December 2015

Holiday Season Winners

Two days before Christmas and we have officially finished our last Christmas order and now are left with only a couple of items to make for our own families.  This was our first Christmas season in business and didn’t really know what to expect and it was overwhelming to say the least.  We are grateful to everyone who made orders as we shipped items from the tip of Alaska to the middle of France in the past month.

I wanted to highlight a few of our best selling items as we haven’t had time to blog much over the past month.

#3 – Custom Brewing Company Beer Caddy – This item we make a standard beer caddy but add someone’s last night to personalize it.  It was neat that we actually had home brewers send us their logo and we made them a beer caddy for their actual brewing company.

#2 – Dog Leash Holder -These dog leash holders started as a gift to a friend that ended up blowing up.  On top of internet sales we actually sold close to 200 of these to a vet clinic who gave them out as Christmas gifts to all their clients (now that’s a vet worth going to).  Our shop dog Rafi loves his and we’re grateful that so many other dogs will have them as well.DogHome2

#1 – Grandkids Sign – This sign was by far the best seller that we had.  We sold them in about every color possible to places all over the country.  It was fun to see something that was originally just a gift for a grandmother in our life be something so many people wanted.Grandkids6

It’ll be fun to see what the big sellers are next year, but this past month has been somewhat stressful but overall one of the best ever.  Thank you to all who ordered items from us and Merry Christmas to everyone.

-Little Fox