Customized Beyond Expectations

We have a great group of friends who by themselves keep us busy with their creative ideas.  There is rarely a day where someone doesn’t call, text, email, or Facebook us an idea they have for themselves or for a gift.  These are probably our favorite things to do because we’re making someone’s vision a reality.  Now not everyone always has a concrete idea of what they want made and that’s okay.

Our favorite example is during the summer a friend called up wanting a gift for an upcoming wedding at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.  We recommended a cutting board because they don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.  So then we asked what they wanted for the design.  Our friend didn’t really know so we just asked her to tell us the couple’s story and what they like.  We found out they moved to Colorado to start a doughnut food truck out of an old VW Bus.  The entire story was so great it gave us just enough inspiration to create the cutting board below.


The couple ended up loving it and our friend was pretty excited that she gave them a gift that they’ll cherish.   You don’t have to be our friend to message us at all hours of the day with crazy gift ideas.  Facebook, email (, and Etsy are all ways to get a hold of us for commissioned pieces.



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