The Craft Show Grind

I was talking to an 18 year veteran of the craft show circuit yesterday and found it to be an enlightening experience.  We spoke about what a  grind it was putting together inventory, hauling it to the show, sitting around hoping people like your stuff, packing it all up, and repeat.  We will be at our third show in three weeks and our constant battle is for efficiency.  We only have 6 days in between to replace anything that sold, come up with new ideas of things that might sell, and pack it up.  The early mornings and late nights are totally worth it once we get to the show and people come and talk with us.  It’s a fun experience because we get to see them observe our work and watch their imagination flow once they get an idea of a custom order they might want.  The greatest experience is knowing that something you made is going to be given as a Christmas gift or will hang in someone’s living room.

My friend did pottery for all those years and got out of it as other things became more important to her.   She spoke about how she had started back at it little by little.  The grind is tough, but the reward is worth the work you put into it.  We’ve only done three shows now, but we’re hooked.  I have to imagine that she feels the same way and will get back to the grind.


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