Why Little Fox?

The toughest, most agonizing decision we’ve faced in a long time was what to name our business after we found our first choice was taken.  We run a laser engraving business, but it’s not like we wanted a generic name like Laser USA.  We thought we were so clever with the name Red Door Laser because all the doors to our house are red.  It was unique to us, but a fine business out of Flint, Texas already had that name.  So we scrambled and realized we both have an affinity for foxes.  Mine comes from my favorite Disney movie, Robin Hood and my wife grew up in the country and just always admired their beauty.  Then we decided that we needed an adjective somewhere in the title so after several options that just didn’t fit our style we decided nothing is cuter than a little fox.  So after going through all the legal hoops Little Fox Engraving was formed with no working knowledge of how to run a laser engraving machine or how to use design software.  This blog is dedicated to our adventure of how we are creating our dream of running a successful engraving business into a reality.


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